Of Weddings And Miracles

Of Weddings and Miracles

           The wedding had been planned for over a year and from the beginning I had been asked to sing.  For the fifty-one weeks leading up to the big day, I was in great health.  But now, four days before the great event, my voice decided to take a leave of absence.  It was nothing serious, just a common virus making its winter rounds.  But I had no time to let it run its course or for the usual remedies to lend a hand.  If I was going to sing, I needed a miracle.  No problem.  All that was required was some prayer and a little faith.  The question was faith in what.  I knew if God said I would sing, I could have faith that my voice would return.  Yet, He had not promised to restore my voice.  In what could I place my faith?

           I thought about God and His faithfulness.  No question there.  He had always kept His word even when everyone else was unfaithful.  I thought about His love and care for me.  No question about that either.  Jesus settled that when He died on a cross for me.  Suddenly, I saw my answer.  If I didn’t have a specific promise from Him, I could have complete faith that He would do what was best for me and my situation.  So simple.  Just trust Him.  Such is the case with all of my life.

           My voice returned, just in time and just long enough for me to sing in the wedding.  I should have known.  Jesus, weddings, and miracles; they go together.

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