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Daily Bible Study Notes – I try to study a chapter of a particular book each day.  As I read through it, I write down any thoughts or ideas the Lord brings to mind.  Sometimes He shows me a lot, sometimes just a single thought on a single verse, and sometimes nothing at all.  However, the next time I study that particular chapter, He may show me something totally different; it’s all in His timing and why we are admonished to continually read His word.
The format I follow is to record the individual verse or verses, then whatever extra thoughts I may have.  I do not try to write a commentary on the verses, and sometimes I only write down the verse if it stands out to me, just to remember it.  This makes for unusual looking text for a blog post, but it’s something I’m writing that I’d like to share.  The goal is to study the Word and allow God to speak to me and others through it, so please feel free to comment or ask questions about anything you read.

Exposition – Sometimes I may decide to focus more attention on a set of verses and be more detailed with what I write about them.  This will be more in line with what some would call a Bible study.  I’ll probably be flexible with the format until a find one that works well.

Sermon – I’ve been preaching for twenty-nine years, but I’ve rarely written down any of my sermons.  Over the years, my style of presentation has been such that I use a minimum of notes, so creating a full manuscript was just extra time making something I didn’t use.  However, since He is giving me the messages, I want to put them into a form I can share with others who may not hear me speak.  Please be patient as I work through some different formats.  I hope you find something useful.

Thoughts – Like everyone else, I have my own opinions about just about everything.  Occasionally I’ll write down my thoughts on certain issues.  If you bother to check some of my older writings on this blog, you’ll notice that most fit into this category.  Be sure to share your own thoughts on the particular issue in the comment section.