What a difference…

What a difference a day makes…or a month…or how about a year?  I must admit, I knew when I started this adventure that my writing times would probably be irregular but I didn’t anticipate an entire year.  I hoped I could get into a routine pretty soon but, as they say, stuff happens.

And it certainly has!  The Lord was very gracious to me in that He provided me with a good job within a month of the loss of my previous one.  Our country has a new president and the face of the congress has changed yet again.  The structure of our world is changing every day and the Lord is doing great works everywhere.  So much to write about and so little time!  I feel like I’m trying to dig myself out of an avalanche.

My routine is still hectic so I am simply attempting to start the system with a short note for the moment.  I want to say thank you to all of you who have read what little you found here and have taken the time to leave a note.  I’ll post any comment you leave, whether you agree with me or not, with the exception of those which contain indecent or foul language (be nice) or obvious spam (I’m not into advertising drugs, legal or not, or cat houses in Kiev).  I’ll also post the legal info some of you have asked about.

Join me again soon!  I look forward to the journey.


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