Why Write – For the Motivationally Challenged: 1 of 3

Trust and Obey

A young boy attended revival services at his church where a visiting evangelist was preaching. No one made any decisions for Christ until the final night when God spoke to the boy and he gave his heart to Christ. When the service was over the visiting minister got up and said that was the worst revival he’d been part of and a total waste of time since only one small boy had made a decision. Just one small boy? Total waste of time? What is one soul worth? If you’ve given your heart to Jesus Christ you know. A single soul is worth Jesus leaving His throne in Heaven to come down here and die on a cross just to save him. And he gets that worth simply because God loves him. That one small boy was later called of God to become a minister. Many other souls have been changed due to God’s work through him. That revival doesn’t look like a total waste of time now.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to write for the last three months. I think it would be easier to put toothpaste back in its tube. I have a very hard time with self motivation, especially when I don’t have any external support. It’s the old problem of not seeing the value of something unless someone else sees it. This morning as I was talking with Father, I made the statement that I didn’t see the point in writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about a particular topic because my insights aren’t special, others usually write similar ideas, and besides, people don’t want to read what I write anyway. No sooner had I gotten the words out then He said, “What about one?” It suddenly hit me how self-centered my statement had been. In the first place I claim to write for Him and should see that simple obedience is the greatest motivation I have. Secondly, what if something I wrote was only read by one person? If God lead someone to read it and then used it to change that person, would that one person be worth it?

Trees don’t grow up overnight and I don’t expect to become the poster child for obedience and self-motivation by tomorrow, but I see a little clearer this morning. And I understand the words to that old hymn, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.” Do as He asks. Leave the results to Him.

5 thoughts on “Why Write – For the Motivationally Challenged: 1 of 3

  1. I’ve been where you are. I know the feeling so well, but if you just take little steps it adds up to a lot. Some days when I couldn’t seem to write, I’d try to read a chapter in a book on writing or visit a website or blog. All those small, incremental steps have been summed up in where I am today. So don’t give up, as you said so well, God values what you do.


  2. Sue Carter Stout

    I spoke at a women’s meeting today and didn’t feel I touched a soul. I did pray with one woman but she didn’t seem to get the whole “surrender” thing. Your post has encouraged me. We aren’t the ones who determine the importance of our speaking or writing. Thanks, I needed the reminder.


  3. We have all felt at sometime the pull of the world and wonder whether our writing even is worth it all. But the truth is you never know who needs to hear what you have to share. We have to remember to press on in our race and focus on what we are called to do. I think you write well and I enjoy reading your posts! Keep going and finish well! Blessings,
    “Simply” Sue:)


  4. I’ve just finished Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick. At first I resisted some of the exercises, but once I gave into some free writing without the pressure of audience, I released all kinds of ideas and kick started my drooping blog, and a magazine article. May want to look at the book. Best.


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