November 7, 2012

Election was yesterday.  Barack Obama was re-elected.  God have mercy on us.

Perhaps that is the point; we’ve put our faith in man and not in Him.  We may indeed have passed beyond the point of avoiding judgement.  As a nation, we’ve thumbed our noses at God and refused to repent.  As His people, we’ve failed to follow Him and His leading and have become fat, lazy, and cold hearted toward others.  He said, “If My people will turn from their wicked ways…”  We did not.

So much could be said about the election, but in the end it does not matter.  I should have been so focused on Him that who runs the country is irrelevent.  Besides being a principle, the fact is obvious.  When life is over here, there is only Him.  That is the way with all men.

I cannot change the past, but I can decide how to face the future.  I choose to live each day as it comes, with my eyes on Him.

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