Bible Study Notes on Acts 20 – 20170301

Bible Study Notes

Acts 20:1  “…departed to go to Macedonia”
Timothy and Erastus are already there somewhere.  The uproar caused by Demetrius the silversmith has passed.

2  “…he came to Greece”
Area known as Achaia thus far.  Corinth and Athens.  He’s following his plan he laid out in 19:21.  Commentary suggests that when he mentions Macedonia and Achaia or Greece, he is referring more specifically to Philippi and Corinth.  He would have communicated with other churches in the area, but those appear to be his bases in each.

3  “…Jews plotted…about to sail to Syria…return through Macedonia”
Still those who can’t leave well enough alone, driven by jealousy.  So instead of sailing away, he heads back north through Macedonia, probably sneaking out to avoid confrontation.

5  “…waited for us at Troas”
One of the few times we see Luke reference himself as well as Paul.  Sounds like he is staying with Paul as he moves.  Several others planning on accompanying Paul.

7-12  “…young man named Eutychus…was taken up dead…Paul…fell on him…Do not trouble yourselves, for his life is in him”
Interesting tale.  Conjures jokes of long winded preachers.  Commentaries all agree that the boy died and Paul prayed him back to life as Elisha, and that is not only possible, but may have been exactly what happened.  But I’m wondering about the way it is worded.  Taken up dead may have meant they thought he was dead as he had just fallen a great distance and apparently wasn’t moving.  The English says Paul fell on him and said his life is in him.  I think it is possible that Paul thought him dead and was in the process of praying him back to life, but discovered it wasn’t necessary, God having spared the boy’s life already.  But that’s just a possibility I see from the English text.  I also see that one of the reasons Luke mentions the incident is because it was a miracle.  I don’t see it a stretch to go either way here.

11  “…talked a long while, even till daybreak…”
Paul preached or spoke with the folks all night, got something to eat, and then left.

13-14  “…we went ahead…he met us at Assos…”
An instance when Paul went somewhere without Luke.  Wonder why Paul chose to go by foot while sending the others by ship.  Commentaries suggest he may have wanted some time to himself.  Wouldn’t blame him.  Someone else was always around wanting some of his time.

16-17  “…so that he would not have to spend time in Asia…he sent to Ephesus and called for the elders”
He knew if he stopped, the people would want him to stay for a while.  But he had something to tell them, so he had just the elders come meet him at Miletus.

22  “…I go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem…”
Indication he felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to take his current course.

23  “…Holy Spirit testifies in every city, saying that chains and tribulations await me”
First mention of this.  Interesting that Luke hasn’t mentioned it before if it has been happening in multiple places.

25  “…will see my face no more”
He didn’t know what was going to happen, but was sure he would not be back to Ephesus.

29-30  “…savage wolves will come in…from among yourselves men will rise up…”
Always the problem with a church.  Those from outside who wish to gain some advantage or control and those from inside who abandon the truth for lies in order to do the same.  The intent of the church itself is to follow and worship God, yet these come in to promote themselves.  Why not create their own group of followers.  Why always seek to corrupt something else.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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