Bible Study Notes on Proverbs 4 – 20170329

Bible Study Notes

Proverbs 4:1  “Hear, my children…”
Would be interesting to see the Proverbs in the original text to see how they are grouped since they weren’t written as chapter and verse.  Here is the fourth grouping which starts with an address to either a child or children.  Makes a natural starting place.

3  “…the only one in the sight of my mother…”
Probably when he was the only child.  But also the center of his mother’s affections.  Reminds me of something I’ve noticed in the scriptures and something a Jewish man told me once.  He said Jewish lineage is confirmed through the mothers since you would know the child is Jewish if the mother was.  Before DNA testing, you couldn’t completely prove fatherhood.  And I’ve noticed that some people in scripture are referred to as the son of their mothers.  Don’t remember all the incidents, but probably whenever the father is known.

4  “He also taught me…”
If David taught Solomon at an early age by encouraging him to gain wisdom, it’s no surprise that he asked for it from God when the time came.  He had learned that it was the most valuable.

10  “…years of your life will be many”
Long life theme again.

16  “…they do not sleep unless they have done evil…”
Total depravity of the wicked.  To do evil has become an all consuming desire.

18  “…shines ever brighter unto the perfect day”
Probably a reference to the day becoming brighter between sunup and noon.  But reminds me of the path of the righteous.  We know what is coming, or I should say Who.  Regardless what the days may bring, we are progressing toward the perfect day when Christ returns and makes all things new.

23  “Keep your heart with all diligence…”
I’ve heard never hold in your heart what you can hold in your hand.  It was a reminder to not get attached to material things.  The heart is the core, where we are, who we are.  Only Christ should rule there.

25  “Let your eyes look straight ahead…”
Reminds me of the fable of the man who wanted help with temptation.  The king had him carry a bowl of water through town as a wild celebration was going on and instructed him to not spill any of the water by looking at what was happening around him.  To keep him motivated, a soldier walked behind him with instructions to kill him if he spilled so much as a single drop.  He focused on the bowl so much, he made it all the way through town without spilling anything or looking at what was going on around him.  We can resist temptation if we want.  I’m also reminded of what an evangelist told from his own life.  He was single at the time and usually noticed any lovely young lady that crossed his path.  He was taking some college courses, but told God he was having trouble concentrating in class due to all the young ladies there.  God told him to sit on the front row and face forward so his focus would be on the teacher.

27  “Do not turn to the right or the left…”
Our biggest problems are usually not what we encounter along the way.  They are of our own making because we strayed from the path.  When flying to another major city at night, my flight instructor would always follow the main highway.  He said he could be sure no one had constructed a tower in the middle of the road.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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