Bible Study Notes on Micah 2 – 20171115

Bible Study Notes

Micah 2:1  “Woe to those who devise iniquity, And work out evil on their beds…”
They think they’re getting away with it, that God cannot see what they devise in their minds when they’re alone.  He can’t see and doesn’t care.  But they are very mistaken.  He sees and knows all, and He cares greatly.  He may take His time and allow for mercy and repentance, but He will take care of everything in the end.  Nothing escapes His notice.

2  “…A man and his inheritance”
The idea of the land belonging to the people was very important.  God put many checks in place so the land would always belong to those who inherited it, from one generation to the next.  Even when people had to sell their land for debts, it reverted back to them during the jubilee years.

4  “…He has changed the heritage of my people…”
Exile from the land.  God is going to allow another nation to come in, conquer the people, take them captive, and have control over the land of Israel.  The promise of the land will still be intact, it will still ultimately belong to the descendants of Israel, but some generations may not be able to live in it for a time.  This is what God told them would happen if they rebelled.

6  “…So they shall not prophesy to you…”
People refuse to hear the truth from God’s prophets.

8  “…You pull off the robe with the garment…”
Treating fellow Israelites like captives from war.  Not content with taking the outer garment, but taking the inner robes as well.

10  “…this is not your rest…”
The land of Israel was supposed to be the place of rest for God’s people.  But they have profaned it with their sin, so it will spit them out.

11  “If a man should walk in a false spirit…”
They won’t listen to the true prophets of God, but if one shows up saying he speaks for God and then tells them just what they want to hear, him they will believe.  People always have itching ears which are only satisfied by their selfish desires.

12  “…I will surely gather the remnant of Israel…”
Total redirection of message.  He’s been telling them of their sin and the coming exile because of it.  Now he suddenly shifts to the promise of restoration after the exile.  By implication, this not only refers to the time after the seventy years in Babylon, but also to the time when the Messiah comes to rule.  Then they will never leave the land again.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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