Bible Study Notes on Mark 4:21-41 – 20180323

Bible Study Notes

Mark 4:22  “…nothing hidden which will not be revealed…”
We can’t hide sin or motives.  All will be brought into the light.

24  “…Take heed what you hear…”
What you understand, what you take in.  Some commentaries consider this a proverbial saying.  Make good use of what you are given, and to the measure you do, it will be given back to you.  In regards to the knowledge of salvation, those who choose to ignore what they’re told will lose even that which they think they have.

27  “…he himself does not know how”
We don’t have to know everything to use what we have.  It should be enough to do what we’re instructed to do.  I don’t think God has any problem with curiosity and desire to understand; He gave us those traits.  But we must not let them keep us from trusting Him nor being obedient.  We tell others of Christ and let Him do the saving.  We get to participate in the harvest.

34  “…without a parable He did not speak to them…”
He’s gone from teaching in the synagogues to preaching to the multitudes and using parables.  My guess is He adjusted due to the fact He found that many didn’t want to hear and understand.  With the parables it’s him who has ears to hear let him hear.  Your choice.

34  “…He explained all things to His disciples”
They wanted to know and understand so He gave more teaching.

36  “…took Him along in the boat as He was…”
In the one from which He had been teaching.  Commentaries suggest also without making any preparation which may be why they had such trouble on the sea.  Others suggest a more personal meaning, regarding His physical state of exhaustion, which would explain why He fell asleep so quickly.

40  “…How is it that you have no faith”
If the boat was filling, obviously something needed to be done.  But there was no need for fear or mistrust.  I suppose they could have simply awakened Him and asked that He take care of the problem, knowing He was able to do so.  Or they could have decided that He would act when it was needed.

41  “…Who can this be…”
Unfortunately, their reaction after Jesus spoke shows why they didn’t do either.  They still hadn’t fully grasped Who He was.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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