Bible Study Notes on Luke 19:28-48 -20180816

WritingIIILuke 19:28-40  Story of the Triumphal Entry.  Nothing new is speaking at the moment.  Not sure if it’s that God isn’t saying anything or that my mood is bad for listening.  Perhaps next time.

40  “…if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out”
Jesus had spent the last three and a half years trying to downplay the people’s reaction to Him being the Messiah.  Now he not only allows them to treat Him as Messiah, He says it must happen.  Guess this was the point where His time had come, the point where the world was to declare Him the Messiah.  Unfortunately, for the people, it was something of a flash in the pan since they were declaring Him the Messiah they wanted and not the one He came to be.  A few days later many of them would join in the mob demanding His crucifixion.

43  “…your enemies will build an embankment around you…”
May be some parallelism here, but I’m sure the prime thrust of this is the Roman invasion of 70 AD.

44  “…you did not know the time of your visitation”
They had looked and waited for the coming of the Messiah for hundreds of years.  Now when He arrived, they refused to recognize and accept Him.

46  “…My house is a house of prayer…”
Certainly church buildings today aren’t like the temple.  Jesus wasn’t saying that only prayer should take place in a church building.  But I think there should always be the remembrance of respect and reverence.  We only do certain things in the sanctuary or assembly area.  Other things we do in classrooms and fellowship halls.  Best idea is to make sure all things done are for His glory and honor.

47  “…He was teaching daily in the temple…”
He was there in broad daylight each day until the crucifixion.  If the leaders had any justifiable accusation against Him, they could have brought it then.  But they didn’t, so they had to wait until the cover of darkness to carry out their sin.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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