Bible Study Notes on Luke 23:26-43 – 20180912

WritingIIILuke 23:26  “…on him they laid the cross…”
Some debate over whether the cross consisted of a full vertical and cross piece or just the cross piece.  Either way, it was a burden too great for Jesus to bear in His current physical condition.

28  “…Jesus, turning to them…”
Interesting that Luke is the only one to mention this.  Could be due to his information source.  If one of the women following Jesus, it would have been firsthand account.

28  “…do not weep for Me…”
Although Christ was going to die, He wasn’t going to stay that way.  His story would end with victory.  The greater tragedy would be for those who would have to endure the tribulation to come.  I also think there is some parallelism here to the end time tribulation.

31  “…if they do these things in the green wood, what will be done in the dry”
Commentaries agree He is referring to the coming Roman invasion and the calamity that will be.  If the Romans treated Him, an innocent, with such violence, what would they do to the nation who rebels against them?  Several commentaries suggested it was like fire.  If the green wood was set on fire to burn, how much more would the fire destroy the dry?

33  “…Calvary…”
Latin rendering of the name, calvarium.  Aramaic is Golgotha.  Hebrew is gulgoleth.  Greek is kranion, κράνιον.  Place of a skull.  Probably named due to it being a bare rounded mound, like a skull in form.

33  “…one on the right hand and the other on the left”
Interesting that Jesus was put in the middle.  Certainly should have been as He was the most important, but I wonder what was the reasoning of those who crucified Him?

34  “…Father, forgive them…”
Mercy even from the cross.

35  “…the rulers with them sneered…”
Neither they nor the soldiers had a clue what was happening nor what they were saying.  The truth was, He could have easily saved Himself.  That would have been easier and totally justified.  But to do so would have condemned all of us, including those who sneered at Him.  It takes no effort to squash an insect.

Such irony.  Meant as a testimony to His crime, to show His guilt, but was complete truth.  Showed His glory instead.

41  “…this Man has done nothing wrong”
Other gospels tell that this criminal joined in the ridicule at the beginning.  But hanging on the cross and seeing the words and actions of Jesus, he became convinced of who Jesus was.  How amazing!  Without witness or persuasion.  He simply gazed at Christ on the cross and came to faith in Him.

42-43  “…remember me when You come into Your kingdom…today you will be with Me in Paradise”
Simplest prayer of salvation recorded.  He recognized who Jesus was and that He had power to redeem his future.  All he asked was that Jesus remember him.  Simple request of faith.  But that was all that was needed.  We try to make it so hard, but Jesus knows our hearts and the honest cry of faith when we make it.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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