Shining the Light

One of the things that I find interesting about this year is how everything is being exposed.

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Actually, I began to notice it four years ago when Donald Trump was elected President. Certain people that I had great respect for and faith in regarding governmental affairs began to show their true colors. They were not as concerned about issues as they led others to believe, and when their motives were revealed they reacted poorly to being exposed.

Other than feeling very disappointed that I had been deceived by these people for so long, I began to suspect that perhaps God was doing something with this. Perhaps He was using the situation to expose falsehoods around us and reveal truth. It certainly began to cast light on why things have gotten so bad over the last few years.

Fast forward to 2020. The heat being applied has been increasing steadily for three years and finally comes to a head with the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly we see everything we could possibly have any faith and trust in fall completely apart.

Just think about it. Some people lived their lives for sports and sports figures. The pandemic shut down all the sports to the point some were going into withdrawal. And the athletes, who garnered so much respect, admiration, and financial reward, showed themselves to be little more than entitled prima donnas who had little to no respect for their fans or the country that allowed them such positions.

The medical field, instead of having a firm, consistent, and authoritative front against the pandemic, became a hodgepodge of vastly conflicting ideas and methods. In such a large and varied field, some differences of opinions are to be expected, but much of what was suggested and forced on the American people was based on politics and ideology instead of real medicine. The end result is that hardly anyone trusts what doctors tell them as no one seems to have a true standard.

Entertainment. I’ve never given any weight to the opinions of a person simply because they were a popular celebrity, even someone I liked. But I did have respect for some who seemed to be very decent individuals in their private lives. Unfortunately, the pressure of the politics of the last four years and the pandemic have caused some of them to break their facades and show us what they really think and how they really live. I’ve lost a lot of respect for a lot of people.

One by one, God has removed anything and anyone whom we might place our trust in other than Himself. He has destroyed all false foundations and enabled us to see the truth.

Even in the Family of God.

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Until now, one could trust that no matter what happened in the world, our spiritual leaders in our respective churches could be trusted to maintain the truth of the word of God. Yet, more and more, I see trusted and respected leaders fall for lies and foolish worldly ideas which have nothing to do with the truth revealed in God’s word.

One has even suggested that, although the content in question was not based on the scripture, we could find it useful if we viewed it through the lens of the Bible. I’m sorry, but God has given us all the tools we need to accomplish what He asks of us. We don’t need to use tactics and methods of the enemy which are based on lies.

What is the point? Why is everything coming to light?

I believe God has had enough of America and especially His people. We’ve turned our backs on Him. We’ve cast Him out of any and all institutions. We’ve said we don’t need Him anymore.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve allowed over sixty million innocent children to be murdered because of convenience. Any country with that much blood on its hands is merely waiting for judgment.

So why are we still here? Our last chance.

God has shown His light on everything and stripped it all away to show only He can be trusted. Those who don’t know Him are beginning to see they have nowhere to turn, nothing to save them from the mess we’ve made of everything.

Within His family, He’s showing who is truly His and looking to see if His children will repent and turn to Him.

Jesus said that every branch that didn’t bear fruit was taken away, and those that did bear fruit would be pruned to bear more fruit, John 15:2. Now that some are finding themselves in situations where they can’t meet together as a church, their levels of faithfulness and obedience are being tested. And unfortunately, some are finding it much more comfortable to sit at home rather than stand for Christ.

Others are allowing themselves to be swayed and turned by emotionalism and foolish ideologies instead of anchoring in His word. Unless we change course and set our foundations back on Him, we may find He has no more use for us.

Can you see the light? Have you received Jesus as your savior and surrendered your life to Him? All you need do is recognize your need for Him, repent of your sins, and ask Him to forgive you and come into your heart and life. He will do it and open your eyes to everything around you.

God has illuminated the truth. He is giving us another chance. I pray we heed His warnings.

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2 thoughts on “Shining the Light

  1. 2020 has definitely been a year where The Lord has gracefully “woken me up” from a lot of the things I was oblivious to. At this point, we can only pray He continues to show mercy to us, his children, and shower us with His peace.


    1. Hi Giuli! Amen to that. It’s taken me a while to see it. I’ve gotten too much into the habit of asking God for something and then assuming I know how best for Him to answer. But He can always answer in ways I can’t even imagine. Just have to trust Him. Thanks so much for stopping by! God’s best to you!


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