Jesus – the early years

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own country.”

Why did God not give us more details about Jesus’s early years?  After the tale of His birth and a short note about an incident when He was twelve, why does He just spring on the scene?

We would be like the people of His day.  We wouldn’t listen because we think we know Him.  If we don’t know someone we tend to listen to his message first and then look at the person.  We’ll give folks the benefit of the doubt, even if it’s just long enough to hear what they say.

God gave us the best combination with Jesus.  He shared Christ’s arrival, His deity, His Lordship with us to establish in our minds that this was the Christ, the Messiah of God, the One foretold in scripture.  Then he jumps us forward to the point of hearing Christ’s message without allowing us the chance of creating a false impression derived by our judgment or misconception of events in His life.

Here is the King of the Jews as foretold by the prophets.  Here is My Son in whom I am well pleased.  Here is My Son; hear Him.  Here is My Son dying on the cross for you.  Here is My Son, conquering death by rising from the grave.

And one day soon…


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