Consider My servant

Seems like I’m always in the middle of some mess.  I’ve heard you’re either going into a storm, going through a storm, or going out of one.  And there’s not much room between going out of one and going into the next.  It may be normal for life, but it is taxing on the soul.

At the moment I can’t tell if I’m going in or in the middle.  Feels like being in and just getting darker.  Guess that’s why I was thinking about Job.  All the things he went through without knowing why.

But I remember what God said at the beginning.  “Have you considered My servant.”  What an awesome statement!  I’d never considered how much hope there is in those words.  My servant.  Not a servant, or the servant, or even the man.  MY servant.  Job belonged to Him.

A lot of things were about to happen to Job that he couldn’t explain, but in reality, he belonged to God and that was the best place to be.  I know he wasn’t in on that conversation, so he didn’t hear God say that, but that doesn’t change the facts.

How blessed we are to live in our time.  Paul said the prophets of old longed to see the things we see.  And even the Angels are amazed at the mystery of redemption that is ours.  We can see the whole plan of redemption from beginning to end.  We know who the Messiah is.  We know what He has done.  We know He’s coming back.  And we have heard Him say that not only are we His servants, but He also considers us friends.

“Well done good and faithful servant.”  I’ve always wanted to think that I might hear that someday.  But at the moment, “consider My servant” has a much better ring.  To know I belong to Him is better than any reward I can imagine.

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