Bible Study Notes on Proverbs 29 – 20170526

Bible Study Notes

Proverbs 29:1  “He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck…”
Saul comes to mind.  Every chance, but wouldn’t listen.  Interesting that David was next, and he was the opposite.

2  “…But when a wicked man rules…”
Sad that the people can no longer tell the difference.

7  “The righteous considers the cause of the poor, But the wicked does not understand such knowledge.”
Much said today of social justice, but it becomes another form of manipulation instead of true compassion.

10  “The bloodthirsty hate the blameless…”
Blameless get in their way.

11  “A fool vents all his feelings, But a wise man holds them back.”
Excellent advice.  Just because you think it doesn’t mean you need to say it.

12  “If a ruler pays attention to lies, All his servants become wicked.”
Interesting how much corruption has been found in the compartments of the last administration.  Wickedness trickles down.

13  “…The LORD gives light to the eyes of both”
One day all will stand on level ground.  Relief to some, shock to others.

14  “The king who judges the poor with truth…”
The least of these.

15  “…a child left to himself brings shame to his mother”
Discipline and rebuke are necessary.  We are born with fallen natures.  We don’t have the ability for good unless we’re taught it.  Desire may be there, but the knowledge of how to properly use it isn’t.

18  “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint…”
King James Version translates this as where there is no vision the people perish.  Translation of perception of an earlier time.  Good example is people of Israel while Moses was on the mountain with God.  They had no revelation or vision, or at least one they would follow, and went wild, which was destruction.  Left to our own devices, we would destroy ourselves.

19  “A servant will not be corrected by mere words…”
Apparently assumes an unruly or unfaithful servant.  One commentary said it was a contrast of the willing obedience of a son to that of a servant or slave.

20  “Do you see a man hasty in his words?  There is more hope for a fool than for him.”
Quick lesson on how to be a fool.  Don’t keep your mouth in check.

22  “An angry man stirs up strife…”
James 1.  Wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.  While anger may be a natural response to sin, perhaps a better one would be sadness and compassion for those caught in it.

25  “The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe.”
Obvious to me was contrasting fear of man against faith in God to protect and save.  Commentaries spoke of that, but also brought out the salvation aspect of it.  Dependence on man or our own way verses trusting in God for salvation.

26  “Many seek the ruler’s favor, But justice for man comes from the LORD.”
Good follow up to 25.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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