Bible Study Notes on Exodus 26 – 20190307

WritingIIIExodus 26:1  “…you shall make the tabernacle…”
Designs for creating the tabernacle, the temple tent which they would use until the temple was built by Solomon.  Much of the designs and materials had very significant meanings.

1  “…with artistic designs of cherubim you shall weave them”
Wasn’t going to be just a plain tent.  Would be very beautiful to behold with multiple colors and fabrics and artistic designs and patterns.

6  “…fifty clasps of gold…”
The sides of the panels had loops which could be hooked together with the clasps.  The whole unit would be designed to be put up and taken down when needed.  But at the same time, it would be magnificent in design.

13  “…shall hang over the sides of the tabernacle…”
Three layers of coverings for the tabernacle.  The first was of goats’ hair.  It was to be positioned over the tabernacle so that equal portions would hang over each side.

14  “You shall also make a covering of ram skins dyed red for the tent, and a covering of badger skins above that.”
The ram skins dyed red would be the second layer.  When God looked down, He would be looking at the inside through the red covering, looking through the blood of the sacrifice.  How He sees us, through the blood of Christ.

15  “…boards of acacia wood, standing upright”
Tabernacle had a frame.

19  “…sockets of silver under the twenty boards…”
Like stands for the boards to sit in and stand upright.

26  “…you shall make bars of acacia wood…”
Support bars to help hold the wall boards together.

31  “You shall make a veil woven of blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine woven linen. It shall be woven with an artistic design of cherubim.”
The veil or curtain separating the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Tabernacle.  When the Tabernacle was set up, only the High Priest was allowed to enter and atone for the sins of the people before God.  The veil also symbolized the separation between God and man.  When the temple was built, the veil was a large, thick curtain.  It was very significant when Christ died that the veil was torn in two from top to bottom.  God personally removed the separation between Himself and mankind as Jesus had just paid the price for it.  We no longer have to go through a mediator to get to God.  We’re allowed direct access to Him.  Some say Jesus is our mediator, but He’s God so the point is still valid.  We don’t have to go through another human.  God wants a personal relationship with each of us, and now that is possible.

35  “…the lampstand across from the table on the side of the tabernacle toward the south; and you shall put the table on the north side”
The golden lampstand was to be placed on the south side outside the Holy of Holies and the golden showbread table on the north side.  So, as you approached the Holy of Holies, which was toward the west, the lampstand was on your left and the showbread table on your right.

36  “…You shall make a screen for the door of the tabernacle…”
Entrance on the east end of the tabernacle.  Held up on pillars of wood overlaid with gold.  Blue, purple and scarlet.  The colors must have been awesome to see.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying His word.  May it accomplish what He desires.  Please feel free to comment or post questions.  Thanks for reading!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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